MentorMatch Expectations


Participants in MentorMatch should meet certain expectations:







Characteristics of an ideal mentor:

  • A Licensed CPA and member of the VSCPA
  • A manager or at the executive level
  • Willing to give their time
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Have experience or success in a mentoring topic area
  • Has nothing at stake with an individual they are mentoring; it’s okay if the mentee doesn’t follow your advice
  • Flexibility
  • Has mentored in the past, although this is not a requirement


Characteristics of an ideal mentee:

  • A member of the VSCPA
  • Proactive because they are the ones driving the relationship
  • Specific about what they want to learn
  • Open to feedback
  • Honest
  • Capable of saying if the relationship is working or not
  • Has realistic expectations (i.e. mentors aren’t there to make sure mentee gets promoted)
  • Willing to take action to see results
  • Flexibility

The mentor will:

  • Be responsive
  • Fulfill the minimum time commitment: two hours per month for six months
  • Maintain a level of confidentiality (with limits on confidentiality  unethical, human resources concerns, personal obligations)
  • Participate in training and check in calls
  • Take only as many mentees as you want
  • Understand that a vital part of being a mentor is considering the best interest of their mentee’s career path over their own 
  • Stick to mentoring only on our outlined topics
  • Understand MentorMatch is not a recruiting tool

The mentee will:

  • Lead the relationship, at least in the beginning
  • Complete worksheets
  • Participating in training and check-in calls