MentorMatch FAQ

MentorMatch FAQ

General Questions

Is there a fee associated with using MentorMatch?
MentorMatch is a benefit of VSCPA membership and is available only to members. There is no extra charge to use this program.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

Members must first enroll as a mentor, mentee or both. During the enrollment process, members will select preferences for various demographics (including Mentoring Options and Mentoring Topics) to establish their personal criteria.

A registered Mentee will visit the “Find a Mentor” page and fill in their search criteria to search for possible Mentors. The Mentee will click the names of the potential Mentors to view their profiles. Once the Mentee has decided on a Mentor, they will click on the Mentor badge (seen below the registered Mentor's profile picture) to request that person as their Mentor. An e-mail will be sent to the Mentor alerting them that they have been requested to be a Mentor. The Mentor will be able to accept or decline the request.

How is the program structured?
MentorMatch runs year-round with a recommended six-month timeline. You can connect with a mentor or mentee any time throughout the year and you can continue the relationship for as short or long as you'd like. The following are the benefits/highlights of using the recommended six-month timeline:

  • A supportive environment which provides guidance to both mentees and mentors on how to create a successful relationship.
  • A clear start and end date, which provides clarity around the duration of the mentor-mentee engagement.

What sort of training will I get?

There are ongoing training resources in the Mentoring Resources library.

Do I have to end the relationship at the end of the six-month period?
No, if you and your mentor/mentee both agree, you can continue your relationship outside of MentorMatch.

Are there any requirements for participation?
You must be a VSCPA member. In addition, we have outlined some expectations, but there are no additional requirements.

Can I enroll as a mentor and mentee?

The Mentoring Topics in the profile and directory are vague. Can you elaborate on what they entail?
Yes. See more detailed explanations of the Mentoring Topics on this page.

Are there any limitations on the mentoring relationship?
Mentors should not advise on technical topics. MentorMatch is a forum for personal career growth and professional development. It is also not intended as a recruitment tool.

I have feedback on how the program works, how do I let you know?
We welcome feedback, especially since this is a new program! Please email Lauren Simonetti, Student & Member Engagement Specialist, with any feedback or ideas!


For Mentors

Can I have more than one mentee?
While there is no limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can establish, we recommend that you be judicious in selecting only mentees who are most suited to learn from your expertise and experience. You can limit the number of mentee requests you are willing to accept on the Mentoring enrollment page.

How will I know if a mentee has selected me as their mentor?

You will receive an email from the mentee requesting you to be their mentor. You will be prompted to accept or reject the request.

Is it okay to reject a request?
Yes, but there should be a good reason to do so. We encourage you to at least have an initial conversation to explore whether the relationship would be mutually fulfilling. If a potential mentee has misinterpreted information in your profile, you may find him/her to be an inappropriate match. If you want to decline a request, go the "Mentoring Relationships" section of your profile page and check the "decline" button next to the specific request. 

What if I’m going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period of time?
Go to the "Mentor Enrollment" page, click the “Mentor Status” link then click on the check-box next to “Temporarily Not Participating.” Doing this will indicate that you are not accepting any mentee requests at the moment, and your mentoring profile will not be included in a mentee’s search for a mentor.  It is your responsibility to communicate your availability to your existing mentees.

How much time will I need to invest as a mentor?
We recommend that you and your mentees agree on a schedule that works best for both of you. The most important thing is to discuss your mutual expectations about time and communication at the start of your relationship. Keep in mind that mentoring doesn’t necessarily require large amounts of your time. Even brief phone calls or e-mail exchanges with you can make a big difference to your mentees.


For Mentees

Can I have more than one mentor?
While there is no limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can establish, we recommend that you be judicious in selecting only mentors who are most suited to your mentoring needs. Please keep in mind that mentors have limited time to offer and may have other mentoring relationships.

How do I find a mentor?

Once you have enrolled as a mentee, go the the "Find a Mentor" page and select the criteria you want to use for your mentor search. Click on the mentors' names to view their profiles. Once you have found a good match, click on the mentor badge (seen below the mentor's profile image) to send the mentor an email request.

What should I do if I don’t hear from the mentor I requested?

If you don’t hear from the mentor within one or two weeks, feel free to contact them using the contact information found on their profile page.

What if the mentor isn’t the right “fit” for my needs?
Sometimes, regardless of the information provided, mentors and mentees don’t always "fit."  If this happens, we suggest that you discuss your decision honestly and kindly with your mentor. Thank them for their time, then start a new mentor search. 

Where can I meet with my mentor?
It is up to you and your mentor to decide how, when and where you want to pursue your mentoring relationship. It is likely that most of your communication will occur by phone or electronically.