MentorMatch Topics

Student/Exam Candidate Mentees

  • CPA Exam: Time management, study tips and skills for CPA Exam success.
  • Job Preparation: Interview preparation, skills & best practices and recommendations for resume building.
  • Career Path: Learn about the various career opportunities within accounting and discuss how to begin to decide the right one for you.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Discuss the skills and tools you need to be most effective in your future job. Learn more about what it means to be a professional in the accounting world
  • Job Readiness: What should you expect from an internship and your first days on the job? How can you prepare?


New CPA Mentees

  • Teambuilding: Advice on working with your team. How do be a great teammate and build relationships with your colleagues.
  • Professional Relationships: What is the benefit to expanding my network? Advice on building business relations and how to present yourselves. Why is it important?
  • Coping With Stress: How to work through stressful and difficult times in relation to your job. What to do if you are doubting your job choice.
  • Crucial Conversations: How to have the crucial conversation  advocating for yourself, discussing salary and benefits. What is the best way to respond to issues with your boss? How can you be influential & impactful in meetings and get your message across?
  • Career Path: How do I decide what career path to take? What are the different options  public vs. private; small firm vs. big firm; tax vs. audit vs., forensic accounting, industry, etc.? What is best for me?
  • Effective Supervision: How to be an effective manager. How does it vary with small and large teams?
  • Executive Presence: Focusing on accountability, influencing, punctuality, poise, follow-through, making a good first impression, dress code compliance, public speaking tips. 
  • Career Advancement: How to advance in your career and make yourself known. How to make the most out of your professional association membership, utilizing the human resources department, and expanding your knowledge base.
  • Time Management: Tips and advice on managing your core job responsibilities and the added expectation to network and bring in new clients inside and outside of work hours.