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  • Molly Wash

    Registering for the CPA Exam

    Posted in: VSCPA CPA Exam Ca...

    The CPA Exam is one of the first steps you'll take toward completing your mission of becoming a CPA. The registration process, however, can have as...

  • Molly Wash

    Virginia CPA Exam Requirements

    Posted in: VSCPA CPA Exam Ca...

    Plan to sit for the CPA Exam in Virginia? Click here for a helpful brochure that outlines what you need to know. Molly

  • Amanda Seymore

    RE: courses list to sit for CPA exam

    Posted in: VSCPA CPA Exam Ca...

    You can find all of the accounting courses and general business courses that are required to sit for the CPA exam in Virginia at the Virginia Board...

  • photo not available

    courses list to sit for CPA exam

    Posted in: VSCPA CPA Exam Ca...

    All, What are all the course(minimum) do I need to take in order to sit for CPA exam? This is my progress: 1. Principle Accounting I & II -...

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Molly Wash

Molly Wash

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Tax Preparer | Confidential

US - CA - Pasadena, Pasadena area seeking experianced tax praparer, open to full or part time.

Senior Accountant - Chicago | Dentons US LLP

US - IL - Chicago, Experience & Qualifications: •  Bachelors Degree in Accounting. •  CPA or CPA candidate preferred. •  Strong knowledge and understanding of accounting principles. &b

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