Pink Space Theory Seeks CPA for Board of Directors

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Starts: 04-03-2019


Pink Space Theory is a mobile STEAM-based makerspace located in Northern Virginia. Pink Space Theory provides meaningful student-centered educational programs that allow students to create, invent, tinker, explore, and solve real world challenges. They bring curriculum to life by transforming concepts into an authentic learning environment where students can incorporate real world skills into the learning process. Pink Space Theory is seeking a CPA to join their board of directors. Details below. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me as soon as possible.

Pink Space Theory board of directors is legally and ethically responsible for all
activities of the organization. To that end it:
1. Determines how the organization will carry out its mission through long
and short-range planning
2. Adopts an annual budget and provides fiscal oversight
3. Recruits, orients, and develops board members
4. Hires and evaluates the performance of the executive director
5. Evaluates its performance and overall performance of the organization in
achieving the mission
6. Establishes policies for the effective management of the organization
• Understand and promote the organization’s mission
• Be familiar with the organization’s programs, policies, and operations
• Attend board meetings and appropriate committee meetings
• Actively serve on at least one committee and offer to take on special
• Review agenda and supporting documents prior to meetings
• Make an annual contribution to the organization commensurate with
• Participate in fund raising activities and special events
• Keep current on issues and developments in STEM and makerspace
educational program areas
• Strictly adhere to conflict of interest policies
• Strictly adhere to confidentiality policies
Financial and Resource Development Expectations:
• Support fundraising events
• Recruit sponsors, as needed
• Identify and cultivate potential donors
Please note that serving on Pink Space Theory’s board of directors is
without compensation, except for administrative support, travel, and
accommodation costs in relation to board members’ duties.
Current board opening positions along with unique position descriptions are
listed below.
1. Chairman of the Board Position (CRITICAL POSITION)
2. Secretary
3. Board Member, General Counsel
4. Board Member, Certified Public Accountant
Position #4 - Certified Public Accountant (Board Member)
The CPA will provide audit and financial oversight to the Pink Space
Theory. The CPA will chair the audit and finance committees. The
Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s
financial reporting, audit activities and risk management and internal
controls. This position is NOT for the Treasurer position on the board
of directors.
Specific duties include:
Financial Reporting
• overseeing and approving the selection of accounting policies
• reviewing and discussing interim financial statements with
• reviewing financial reports prepared for members, funders and
the public
• reviewing and recommending to the full board the approval of
the audited financial statements
• approval of audit services and management of the auditor
Risk Management and Controls
• reviewing the organization’s financial risk management policies
and processes
• ensuring the establishment of an effective system of internal
controls to mitigate financial risks to the organization



Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

1 - 3 Years Experience




David Bass

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