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disAbility Law Center: Seeking Board Member

Starts: 07-01-2023
Location: 1512 Willow Lawn Dr., Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23230 volunteer opportunity location

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled


The disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dALC) is seeking a Board member. The dALC services include information and referral, legal representation, technical assistance, systemic advocacy, monitory and training.

Based in Richmond, the Board meets quarterly for 3-4 hours and has a number of committees that meet on about the same schedule for 1-2 hours. Board members are required to also serve on at least one committee; Board terms are 3 years.

For more information on this non-profit: https://www.dlcv.org 

For more information on Board job description: https://www.dlcv.org/dlcv-board-of-directors/dlcv-board-member-job-description 
For more information on Board competencies and skills: https://www.dlcv.org/dlcv-board-of-directors/dlcv-board-of-directors-competencies-and-skills 

Location: 1512 Willow Lawn Dr., Suite 100, Richmond, VA (804) 225-2042

For more information, please contact Evan Wrinkle, CPA at evan.r.wrinkle@gmail.com 


Board or Committee Service
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Volunteers Needed:

1 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Experience




Julie Chamberlain