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UnboundRVA Needs Mentors for Entrepreneurs

Starts: 12-12-2019


UnBoundRVA is a non-profit that starts small businesses with low-income adults - altering their life trajectories through the positive power of business. They invite 20 individuals to begin their 18 month program, which through various phases, will narrow to the five to seven individuals with whom they start small businesses and provide full support. They provide the start-up capital and weekly accountability sessions. Through their partnerships, their businesses are also provided with pro-bono legal, marketing, and accounting services to help them get up and running. Through business ownership, they can empower these individuals to create opportunity for themselves and their communities. 


They are looking for CPAs to get involved.

They are  looking for CPAs to volunteer 12 months of mentoring and support for their aspiring entrepreneurs. The CPA will be paired with one entrepreneur and commit to meeting once a month about daily, weekly and monthly accounting maintenance tasks. The CPA will hold the entrepreneur accountable throughout their first year of business and be an integral part in the entrepreneur learning how to track expenses and budget well.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me as soon as possible.

Volunteers Needed:

12 (9 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 - 3 Years Experience




Tim Barry
Public Affairs Director
Virginia Society of CPAs

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