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L.A.U.N.C.H. for Life Seeking CPA Treasurer/Board Member

Starts: 08-07-2023


Please contact Ken Jordan, President/Board Chair, LAUNCH for Life, president@thelaunchforlife.com or 804-380-5357 mobile

Volunteer Opportunity: CPA Treasurer/Board Member

Organization: LAUNCH for Life

Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per month + bimonthly Board meetings; optional attendance at mentoring events (attending few per year is incouraged to connect with the mission - and we usually do something fun)

Location: Richmond VA area (in person meetings are usually in Midlothian or city of Richmond); virtual engagement can be an option as well, if preferred

Description:  L.A.U.N.C.H for life was founded in 2021 to break the cycle of negative outcomes for young men from fatherless homes or who need a positive male role model in their lives. We provide free group mentoring programs to young men beginning at age 10. Our Junior Mentee (1st Year) program focuses on event-based group experiences paired with value-based lessons (2x per month), laying a foundation for resilience, accountability, and a growth mindset.
Key Responsibilities:

Manage all fiscal reporting activities revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, and development and monitoring of organizational budgets.
• Monitor banking activities and revenue sources of the organization and recommend improvements to purchasing and expense management.
• Ensure adequate cash flow to meet the organization's needs.
• Oversee the production periodic reports, financial statements and cash flow projections for use by the Board of Directors.
• Attend Board and Subcommittee meetings; including being the lead on the Finance Committee.
• Oversee proper filing of tax returns and audits, as appropriate. Potentially shift our tax reporting cycle to align more optimally with our programming.
• Ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.
• Support organizational fundraising activities through making connections and in partnering in the financial aspects of fundraising events.

To Learn More:
L.A.U.N.C.H for Life Website: thelaunchforlife.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/l.a.u.n.c.h_for_life/


Board or Committee Service
Community Service/Nonprofit Support
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Volunteers Needed:

3 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Experience




Julie Chamberlain

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